Barnyard Rooster


Barnyard Rooster, watercolor batik

You would think that the domestic chicken, which has been bred and loved by human kind for centuries would not be endangered, but the Livestock Conservancy tracks breeds that are in danger of extinction. The much-loved Rhode Island Red, for example, is on their Watch list.

My Barnyard Rooster was actually inspired by the flocks of chickens I saw wandering all over the Hawaiian Islands. There was one chicken who would wander into our hotel room in the early morning if we left the screen door open. The tale is told that periodic hurricanes have distributed these charismatic birds throughout the landscape. Being omnivores, they manage to find food sources everywhere and have thrived, much to the annoyance of some tourists and locals alike who do not enjoy being awakened by roosters in the morning.


  1. I saw chickens (and heard the roosters crowing at dawn!) everywhere on the island of Kauai, when Gary and I took a trip there, maybe six years ago. They were roosting in the trees and anywhere they could. I was astounded; I have some photos.

  2. Yes! I have tons of pictures too. Jon got tired of me running after chickens and roosters just to take pictures. I was also fascinated with the tri-colored cardinals. And the cooing of doves was a constant murmur in the background.

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