Great Blue Fisherman

  Great blue herons can adapt to almost any wetland habitat as long as it holds fish.  Their primary diet is fish although they have been known to eat a wide range of shrimp, crabs, insects, amphibians and even small mammals. Herons are known as very clever anglers.  Some have been observed to drop insects… Continue reading Great Blue Fisherman

Great Blue Heron

The Great Blue Heron is a tall wading bird common near water throughout North America.  It is the largest heron in North America and can take advantage of deeper waters than other heron species.  Despite their large size, they have an astonishing ability to take flight in an instant due to a trait they share… Continue reading Great Blue Heron

Anna’s Hummingbird

This post is a repeat of a subject that I will be featuring in my library exhibit.  The artwork is new. Did you know that our Anna’s hummingbird, native to the west coat of North America, was named for Anna Massena, Duchess of Rivoli?*  Anna was the first lady in waiting to Empress Eugenie of… Continue reading Anna’s Hummingbird

Napa Valley Balloon IV

A Hot Air Balloon carries visitors over a beautiful Napa Valley vineyard. They are typically made of nylon or dacron and the baskets are made of rattan which is woven by hand

Acorn Woodpecker Pair

  We have a wonderful old oak behind our home, but the lower limbs are dying.  The acorn woodpeckers have taken full advantage, turning these dead branches into their acorn granary.  They are entertaining to watch and their raucous calls and threats to would be thieves are unmistakable Wikipedia informs me that this call was… Continue reading Acorn Woodpecker Pair

Acorn Woodpecker Fledgling

A baby acorn woodpecker waits for a family member to bring him food.  Acorn woodpeckers have complicated social lives with up to 4 males and 3 females tending the same nest hole.  The young stay with their parents for many years helping to rear additional young.

Acorn Woodpecker

The clown-like acorn woodpecker lives in large groups throughout western oak woodlands.  The group spends most of its time collecting and protecting acorns that they store in a single dead branch or tree called a granary tree.  They will also bore acorns into human-made structures, often stuffing them into our wood siding and windowsills. The… Continue reading Acorn Woodpecker