Labels Made Fun and Easy

I found an easy way to create attractive labels for many uses.  I bought the Brother P-touch Cube Plus a few years ago but just now figured out the best way to use it.

I used an older Brother labeler for many years for my garden stakes.  It produced clear, durable, weatherproof labels.  But making labels was a real chore.  The QWERTY keyboard required that each character be entered one at a time, and the number of lines or height was limited.
I bought the P-touch Cube hoping that label creation would be simplified via a Bluetooth connection to my iPad.  I was soon disappointed.  The touted iOS iPrint app was very fiddly and difficult to use, and while I can type in the characters using the my iPad keyboard, I still have to creat each label individually.  Surely there had to be a better way.

Unfortunately I found the Brother website EXTREMELY difficult to use.  To their credit, they make a huge range of products.  However, their competitor Epson makes it easy to enter your product number and find all related manuals and updates.  No such luck with the P-touch cube; the info is there somewhere, but vary difficult to find.

Somehow searching their entire site, I stumbled across the info that there was a desktop app called P-touch Editor.  I quickly downloaded and opened it to find an intriguing menu:  Database!    But how to use it?  After more searching I discovered that the instruction manual is actually in the Help menu of the app itself.  Finally I learned I could create a CSV file, open it in the Editor app on my desktop and Print an entire batch of labels via Bluetooth on the Cube!  An added benefit of the application is the easy way to add a wide range of pre-made borders and icons to the labels.

So after a day of study, I can now print attractive labels with ease.  One use will be one-off labels for my artwork.  I purchased the labeler and label tape on Amazon smile, Brother P-touch Cube Plus