An App for Narrated Audio Guides

I was recently contacted by the founder and CEO of Otocast.  Eric Fienstein is in the process of creating an audio guide for the Downtown Napa Utility box art-wrap project.  I had not previously heard of OtoCast.

I learned the OtoCast smartphone app provides a platform for narrated audio guides.  These guides allow visitors to discover, navigate and learn more about the area they are visiting.  Upon downloading and opening the app, you can allow OtoCast to access your location.  The app also notified me that it can also automatically play audio when I am within range of a point-of-interest. 

I allowed the app to use my location and it immediately displayed audio for Napa, CA at the top.  I can see that audio is already available for the Napa ARTwalk and the Napa Public Art project.  I invite you to download the app and try it.  Soon it will include the Utility Box project as well.  Find OtoCast in the travel section.