Security ToDo for 2022

I like to start out the year with internet security, and this year is no different.  The frequency of internet vulnerability attacks has only increased so it’s important not to ignore this subject.
One of the easiest things you can do is improve your passwords.  I’ve recently become aware that my macOS browser, Safari, now gives recommendations on which of my passwords has been compromised.  Here is my own dialog box showing some of the warning messages that I should not ignore (I’ve blocked out the username. ) 


It seems like a pain to update passwords, but even if it’s a website where you are not worried about security, you should do it.  You may be using that same password elsewhere that does have more serious consequences, and we all should not be re-using passwords for that reason.
We really don’t have any excuse with tools like Apple Keychain that suggests secure passwords and stores them securely across all devices.  I am sure that Microsoft has similar tools for Windows users.

If you’d like to know more about Internet attacks, visit the Wordfence blog at  Wordfence is a company that detects internet vulnerability attacks in WordPress, but since WordPress has such high internet usage, it’s a very good indicator of what’s happening.  A recent article is titled 1.6 Million WordPress Sites Hit With 13.7 Million Attacks In 36 Hours From 16,000 IPs.

Wordfence bases their business on protecting their customers from these attacks with the latest in security using endpoint firewall and malware scanners.  Their engineers are often the vanguard in detection and they inform WordPress software companies about vulnerabilities in their products.  The companies often respond quickly which is why it’s a good idea to keep your plug-ins updated to the latest version. If you have a WordPress site, its a good idea to at least have the free version of their plug-in installed.  If you have a site managed by another company you should find out what their security provisions are.
Happy Browsing and Happy New Year!