Bird Watch

Birds were the first subject I attempted with the watercolor batik process. I first learned of the technique from a watercolor publication. I was fascinated with the texture that can be achieved. I continue to experiment over and over with the same sketches as I learned what happened to my preferred palette of watercolor on this surface. I also realized the technique could be adapted to presentation without the obstruction and weight of glass

Around the same time, I signed up for Project Feeder Watch with the Cornel Lab of Ornithology, a citizen science project involving observation and recording of visits to my bird feeders during the winter.

The very fact that I was able to capture my own reference images for each of these birds may lead you to believe that these birds are not endangered. But you would be wrong. While they are technically classified as Species of Least Concern, these bird populations are under tremendous strain from multiple sources. Climate change is impacting food sources forcing a gradual shift in migration patterns, while Human activities threaten habitat and cause direct and indirect casualties. If these patterns continue unabated, common birds will become rare if not extinct.