SolarWinds Orion Cyberattack

Why Your Network Security is as Important as Ever I like to start each year with technical events that artists don’t normally follow.  This year I researched one of the largest cyberattacks on record.  If this subject doesn’t interest you, please remember one very important practice to follow:  Make sure you use passwords that are… Continue reading SolarWinds Orion Cyberattack


An App for Narrated Audio Guides I was recently contacted by the founder and CEO of Otocast.  Eric Fienstein is in the process of creating an audio guide for the Downtown Napa Utility box art-wrap project.  I had not previously heard of OtoCast. I learned the OtoCast smartphone app provides a platform for narrated audio… Continue reading Otocast

The Value of Notans, Part 2

Last week I wrote about Notans and how they can help guide you to successful compositions.  I explained how the Notan app for smartphone or desktop can help you create value studies to use as a ‘roadmap’ to your painting or photo. This month I’d like to point out that the NotanIzer app can also… Continue reading The Value of Notans, Part 2

The Value of Notans

Notan of Grape Cluster

If you’ve studied art, you might realize my title is a bit of a pun.  Most established artists will tell you that values are more important than the actual or “local” color of your subject.  A Notan can help you see or create values in your subject. The value scale for artists is normally represented… Continue reading The Value of Notans

Artist Tool Review

Tom Lynch Secret Plein Air Tool

I am always on the lookout for new tools that might help improve my artwork.  This is why I was intrigued when Riley Street Art Supply listed the Tom Lynch Secret Plein Air Tool.  Gueriila Painter is a known supplier of plein air pochade boxes and this is a fitting complement to their product line. I have… Continue reading Artist Tool Review

Color Stories from Winsor & Newton

Two Magentas Permanent Magenta is from the family of aniline dyes which were derived originally from natural vegetable indigo.  An international race was on in the 1800’s to determine the potential of synthetic colors.  It was eventually discovered that several colors had the same substance in common, so they were thereafter referred to as aniline dyes.The name Magenta honors the… Continue reading Color Stories from Winsor & Newton

New Art Materials of Note

Article originally written for the Palette newsletter of Art Association Napa Valley I like to visit art stores when I travel.  I always see something new or materials that I haven’t noticed before.  This time I visited Island Blue in Sidney near Victoria on Vancouver Island and Opus Art Center on Granville Island in Vancouver.… Continue reading New Art Materials of Note