Napa Valley Balloon IV

A Hot Air Balloon carries visitors over a beautiful Napa Valley vineyard. They are typically made of nylon or dacron and the baskets are made of rattan which is woven by hand

Napa Valley Balloon I

You wouldn’t normally think of a hot air balloon as an endangered species, but maybe you should think again.  Like birds, balloons need plenty of fresh, clear air to float through.  They also need landing places safely away from encroaching development.  Our own Napa Valley has begun to develop one of our common balloon landing… Continue reading Napa Valley Balloon I

Plein Air Favorites

The following is an aritcal I wrote for the Palette Newsletter for Art Association Napa Valley. In a previous article, I described my favorite set of watercolor plein air brushes.  Here is a description of some other items you might like to take painting outdoors. Absolute Essentials Brushes in Easel-Style Brush Holder – protects brushes… Continue reading Plein Air Favorites

Open Studios Napa Valley 2017

Important dates: September 16-17, 22-23 Open Studios is only 6 weeks away! This year I am exhibiting at venue #33 with Kathy Tranmer. We are trying a new location more central to downtown Napa. Our exhibits are located in the Fellowship Hall of the First United Methodist Church. The parking is located on 5th street… Continue reading Open Studios Napa Valley 2017

Applying New Knowledge

First Attempts at applying workshop skills So, I have a great subject with the early morning light striking an interesting sailboat just right. But as most artists know, controlling watercolor only comes with practice. I like the colors in attempts #1 best, but I think the focal point is much better in #2. What do… Continue reading Applying New Knowledge