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I am a child of the west coast of America. As a proud Californian, I feel a strong attachment to the land. Trained as an electrical engineer, I believe in science. I believe in Climate Change as my community has been subject to increasing temperatures, extended droughts, and severe fire danger.  

I derive my energy and inspiration from nature. I enjoy connecting with my natural surroundings. I have become increasingly aware that the land I love is in peril. My artwork often focuses on bringing vanishing wildlife and places to the awareness of others. I aim to create endearing images that help people feel connected to their surroundings.

My watercolors emphasize texture and alternative surfaces. Please see my watercolor batik process video. The Bird Watch series is based on my reference images acquired during Project Feederwatch with Cornell Lab of Ornithology. I also contribute to eBird and participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count on a regular basis.  I love the flow of watercolor.  I do not like having to frame it under glass.  My work on rice paper can be mounted on canvas or panels which allows a more intimate viewing experience.

Pencil drawing of Don Quixote

“My spirit is of this place, and to sing of its living spirit is to sing the most interesting song I’ve ever heard.”

— Obi Kaufman
California Field Atlas